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See, Christianity is all about SALVATION! There is no valid argument against it. We can argue until the Yaks come home, but this is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in your life! Jesus was born of a virgin, he was crucified and rose in three days! What would the natural man make of that? I would hope that they would at least READ the Gospel of John, then respond intelligently.

God Bless
Brian Mason

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  1. That is a self-refuting statement. You say you have read bits and pieces, how can you find anything interesting in bits and pieces? Also how would you know it was not important if you don’t read it?

  2. Bits and pieces. I’ve read much more of the bible. But generally speaking if any book were written or communicated from the creator of the universe it would be very important/interesting.

  3. PS, you cross reading comments. This is a thread I was talking about:

    Me: Only see your follow up comments now. Yay, you find made a start at making a case. I’ll respond in due time, but I need to work now.

    You: I am sorry but I find this comment incoherent. Can you re-phrase it?

    Me: It doesn’t matter. I had replied to one of your comments without seeing that you had made other comments.

    You: I have to tell you that atheism is truly the ultimate suicide. I think you have answered my question by default. You said it doesn’t matter, however I proposed a simple question. DO YOU BELIEVE IN MORAL ABSOLUTES?

    WordPress comments perhaps not the right place to have a long continued discussion.

  4. Since you say that you do have an objective standard of morality, where did you get this objective standard since an objective standard is one that is not based on your opinion or your experience?

  5. Brian, please calm down.

    I’m still trying to get to all the different threads on this conversation. And I’m doing it on my phone, while I’m trying to give my kids breakfast.

    This comment detached from the main one, I dunno how that happened. I’m merely suggesting to drop the comment thread about the comment you found incoherent.

    I’ll get to your moral question bombardment (even though it is a rabbit trail), and I will answer your question AGAIN, (because I’ve already commented on morality in your post WHY DID GOD LET THE SERPENT (SATAN) INTO THE GARDEN OF EDEN?) And as an aside, when I asked you a yes-no question, you failed to answer, and tap danced. I won’t do that to you.

    Now chill out. I’ll answer when I have time.

  6. Not only is atheism the ultimate suicide, the moral argument is way too much to handle for them. Not just that…Darwinian evolution has NO EVIDENCE, The unbeliever is unable to understand the word. The unbeliever will roast in hell for eternity.

  7. What are you on about?

    I’ve replied to all your comments. This throw away comment was before I had responded to your comments about Paul, to let you know that I intended to respond.. and I did.

    Let’s drop this side thread of comments.

  8. I have to tell you that atheism is truly the ultimate suicide. I think you have answered my question by default. You said it doesn’t matter, however I proposed a simple question. DO YOU BELIEVE IN MORAL ABSOLUTES?

  9. I don’t know what you are reading but I have already stated that slavery is a product of the evil in the world. I sense that since you cannot have a objective morality you cannot judge God.

  10. So you use the word immoral. Do you have an objective standard of morality by which you can judge whether or not something is morally right or wrong? This will require an answer before I address any of your points.

  11. 1) Exodus 21:16

    Four verses later, there is clear instruction how severely a slave owner may beat his slave to avoid punishment (for the slave is his money). Verse 16 merely means that there are rules about who may be enslaved. And it’s clear in verses such as Leviticus 25:44-46 that It was perfectly fine to own “heathen” men and woman.

    Funny that you should quote a verse that advocates the death penalty.

    2) Voluntary slavery and health benefits

    There was not only voluntary slavery, such as with the owning of heathens. But even it is was the only type of slavery, and even if it was voluntary, it’s still not moral!

    3) Paul

    Paul’s views on slavery are at best ambiguous. He endorses slavery (Colossians 3:22-4, Ephesians 6:5-9, 1 Timothy 6:1-2, Titus 2:9-10), and then there are the verses where Paul teaches that the Spirit is for all people, and that all people are one in Christ, and that there is freedom from slavery after death (Galatians 3:28, 1 Corinthians 12:13, 1 Corinthians 7:21-24), and lastly the prison letter to Philemon.

    Neither Jew or Gentile:
    In reality, of course, there are Jews and Gentiles, men and women, and slaves and freemen. This is just saying that everyone can escape death. There is no pronouncement that slavery is wrong, just that it’s tough to be a slave (voluntary or not), and that said slave can also go to heaven. How nice.

    On the epistle to Philemon:
    Diarmaid MacCulloch, in his A History of Christianity, described the epistle as “a Christian foundation document in the justification of slavery”. Due to its ambiguity, the letter was a cause of debate during the British and later American struggles over the abolition of slavery. Both sides cited Philemon for support.

    Ambiguous. Hardly a statement that slavery is immoral.

    The bible endorses slavery. God endorses slavery.

  12. Brian.

    We should probably end it here, unless you are going to start arguing honestly. You’re not engaged in this discussion. And time constraints are no excuse.

    Is “atheists cannot have objective morals” the default deflection of theists? I’ve commented about my moral framework elsewhere on your blog, and I’m not going to repeat myself for a rabbit trail. If you’re not satisfied, read my blog. It is not rocket science to know that slavery–of any flavour–is harmful to individuals and detrimental to society. It demonstrably lowers the well-being of humanity. It is immoral.

    The bible promotes slavery, and I’ve given you five scriptures to back up my claim, and there are more if you need. The bible never speaks out against slavery. That is an endorsement.

    The bible is the Word of God, according to theists, and it is their moral guidebook. God fails to speak out against slavery. That is an endorsement.

    You have not once argued against my assertion that the bible endorses slavery (probably because it can’t be done). Your only argument has been that the bible’s slavery is different to African slavery and that the slaves were treated well and had more rights than slaves in other cultures at the time. I call that “slavery lite”, and it is no less immoral. Over and above this, you effectively made excuses for the biblical law on slavery and its endorsements by saying slavery must be looked at in context and that it was just a thing of the time, and of course, man’s sin is to blame. Like this makes it okay that God never bothered to let us know that slavery a crime against humanity. You are defending “slavery lite”. You endorsing it.

    I’m sorry you take exception, but maybe you should state your position more clearly, like I’ve been begging you to do. Maybe you should present your argument and demonstrate why God and the bible does not endorse slavery, instead of blanket accusing atheists and me in particular of poor research.

    My best,

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