My First Question To Atheists Results:

Question 1: Did you ever have religious upbringing, if so what denomination”

Roman Catholic: 4
Presbyterian: 1
Dutch Reformed (pseudo-Roman Catholic): 1
Southern Baptist: 1
Pentecostal: 1

Now this is non-scientific, however during my time as being a Christian Apologist, I have noted how many souls have left the church due to Roman Catholicism. Why is this?
My idea and I would certainly open this to the discussion, however since the Roman Church is apostate, it gives so many works based salvation that it is driving people from the church. Works based salvation is unattainable and apostate! Being an ex-RCC myself I can see why it has contributed to atheism.

God Bless
Brian Mason

6 thoughts on “My First Question To Atheists Results:

  1. They could point somewhere. But correlation does not equal causation.

    A state with high amounts of dental work might be more religious, for example. But that doesn’t mean the dental work causes more religion. Or vice versa.

    And your sample size is incredibly small to draw any real conclusions beyond the fact that more former roman catholics responded to your post than any other individual religion.

  2. Oh yes I am aware of the numbers posted/replied to. Also this being unscientific as I eluded to is not a fair representation as to how many atheists used to be Roman Catholic’s in my experiences. Thanks for your observation!

  3. Well, if you notice, you have 4 Catholics and 5 Protestants, so it’s actually nearly even if you look at it that way.

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