My Third Question To atheists: Do You Feel That atheism Is A Worldview?

Yes – 0
No – 9

Okay, we must first define the definition of “worldview” is; A worldview is propositions, assumptions, and beliefs that someone uses to relate to the world around them. So of course atheism is a worldview. This is a short post. However, it does not deserve to be any longer. Atheists simply have not thought this question out.

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8 thoughts on “My Third Question To atheists: Do You Feel That atheism Is A Worldview?

  1. To begin with what happened before 1054? You know I hope that I am talking about the Roman Catholic Church? The word “Catholic” simply means “Universal”. If you follow Roman Catholic doctrine, you will go to hell, simply put! I have written many articles on that apostasy, Also I believe that there are many Roman Catholics that are Christian. The church preaches a different Gospel. If any church teaches any other Gospel than the true Gospel they are apostate.

  2. I don’t think this is really going anywhere. Just for some info on the apostasy business, the Catholic Church has existed in its current form since 1054 with the Great Schism of Christianity. Any form of mainstream Christianity other than Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, or Oriental Orthodoxy was most likely created after 1500, meaning that they are actually apostate from one of the ancient churches. Apostates are those who have left a religion in favor of another, basically the definition of the formation of any evangelical or protestant church. I may not agree with most of what the Catholic Church says, but they are certainly Christians, if nothing else. Thanks for the discussion, sir, I learned a bit about the way you look at things.

  3. You just described a worldview that encompasses more than a belief in God. First of all, there isn’t really one, unified Christian worldview. I attend a Catholic school and there are biology teachers who accept evolution, so atheists similarly have varied worldviews. I wouldn’t claim to know “the atheist worldview,” but an example might be this: I do not believe in God, however I accept the remote possibility of a deity; I accept the theory of evolution (but I did when I was a Christian as well); personally I do not believe in objective meaning, nor do I believe in objective morality. The issue, however, is that what I think is not universal to atheists/agnostics, nor is all of it rooted in the disbelief in God. The theory of evolution is simply a scientific theory I accept, it has nothing to do with God. My worldview is larger, even, than those things. I believe in personal liberties, I believe in people’s rights not to be killed in retribution for crimes, I believe in pacifism and objection to violence, and I believe in social justice and charity. Many of those things are also ideas Christians can hold, so my worldview, and the worldview of any person, is more complex than just belief in God.

  4. It is the Christian worldview to say that God exists, and that he has given us our purpose, that we did not evolve, that there is right and wrong which God reveals to us in the Bible. We Christians view the world though this basic perspective. And likewise, atheism has to be a worldview because it deals with the same issues. It says that God does not exist and that we determine our own purpose, that we evolved, that we develop our own morals, etc.

  5. Sorry I never responded to this, I have been busy for quite a while. If you are still interested in my response, I would say that Atheism is not a worldview because, though it deals with this issue, it doesn’t constitute ones perspective of the whole world. If I am an Atheist, it has nothing to do with the way that I view the world, only with my thoughts on a single issue. I might be a conservative, liberal, communist, or fascist. I might believe in moralism, nihilism, existentialism, or one of any number of varied philosophies. As I said, Dawkins and Hitchens have philosophies built around atheism, and therefore they hold atheistic worldviews, but their atheism isn’t their entire worldview, only a part of it. Again I apologize for my lateness, I took a break from internet debate for a while and this got lost in the process.

  6. Atheism is a position on a single question, the existence of deities. That is not a worldview. The Free Dictionary defines a worldview as:
    1. The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world.
    2. A collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or a group.
    Atheism, the disbelief in gods, is a view of the world, but it isn’t a whole worldview. The philosophies of various atheists such as Dawkins or Hitchens, however, do constitute worldviews. These worldviews have their basis in atheism, but that doesn’t make atheism itself into a worldview.

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