Abortion! A Man’s Problem!

Well, I don’t want to simplify things too much now! However, the abortion issue comes down to men keeping their fly’s zipped. You can quote me on this! Abortion is MURDER! That child will be RIPPED APART and put in a sandwich bag….then incinerated! Beautiful! All you so-called-MEN, become responsible! I used to work in an operating room as a custodian and let me tell you the memories never leave you! I have seen babies feet in the drain stop of the sterilization room! Now Mr. Obama is allowing late-term abortions. Study up on this horror! Sorry to interrupt your breakfast! This also is happening in Canada! If we follow the Christian Lifestyle, we will have nothing to worry about. All I am doing is telling you the truth. And men start acting like one! God Bless you All

Brian Mason