Did the Medieval Church Teach a Flat Earth?

Historical revisionists like to tell the fable of the Medieval Church teaching that the earth is flat. Along with that fable skeptics feel vilified when science proves the Bible incorrect. Is this the case in actuality? No, it is a straw-man argument. As far back as the ancient Greeks, people knew that the earth was round.The whole fable is simply nineteenth century hype.

Oxford Professor Alister McGrath stated, “The idea that science and religion are in perpetual conflict is no longer taken seriously by any major historian of science. One of the last remaining bastions of atheism which survives only at the popular level – namely, the myth that an atheistic, fact-based science is permanently at war with a faith-based religion”

Have the skeptic show you the scripture where a flat earth is taught.

God Bless

Brian Mason

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  1. “Whether the Earth is flat or not, or whether the argument originated in the European Medieval Church or not is really a time-wasting sideshow today. In the end, the debate is only good for cerebral calisthenics and comedic entertainment. There are much more important explorations to be had by modern humanity.” I totally agree with you. Have a nice weekend as well. I welcome you to check out my other posts. God Bless

  2. Well, thanks for your honesty, but I think even you can see then that this statement the myth that an atheistic, fact-based science is permanently at war with a faith-based religion is, self-evidently, not a myth. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you in fact appear proud to be anti-science.

  3. It is worth inquiry when “miracles” happen and faith is bestowed, it is always the lack of evidence that creates strong faith. From the empty tomb to the mystery of scripture. The doctors say miracle, I don’t believe he took into consideration the power of a resilient, athletic, picture of health and many times as a medic I was perplexed initially by this, but as I became experienced as an astute observer of such things it became apparent that the explanations were there, just took a little digging.

  4. Whether the Earth is flat or not, or whether the argument originated in the European Medieval Church or not is really a time-wasting sideshow today. In the end, the debate is only good for cerebral calisthenics and comedic entertainment. There are much more important explorations to be had by modern humanity.

    There are perhaps 30-50 compelling arguments (disproofs) against the veracity of theism, Hellenistic Christology (today’s version of Christianity), and the 4th-century CE canonical New Testament. But there is not enough time to cover them all adequately here on one blog’s comment-section, particularly if the comments are moderated or deleted due to the owner’s presupposed notions and personal bias.

    That said, here are two of those convincing arguments against Christianity/Christology:

    #1 — Severe Lack of Independent Sources

    There are at least 41 known Pagan and Jewish authors/historians during Jesus’ lifetime or within less-than 100 years of his life that aside from two forged passages in the works of a Jewish author (Josephus), and two disputed passages in the works of Roman writers (Pliny the Younger & Suetonius), there is no mention of a Jesus Christ. Nor within a century of Jesus’ life do any of these authors/historians make any mention of the later disciples or apostles. Those 41 are:

    [since the blog-owner doesn’t allow hyper-links here, a full list of these 41 ancient authors/historians can easily be provided should Mr. Mason allow it]

    For someone so universally important to all of humanity and possessiong “Son of God” elite wisdom and supernatural powers, starting from c. 4 BCE (birth) to 30-33 CE (execution) thru at least 80-100 CE, and supposedly talked about all over Judea and Syro-Palestine(?) by everyone feverish for the saving, liberating Jewish (or Gentile) Messiah, how did this man and his apparent activities completely avoid ALL of just these 41 authors/historians!? Answer: it wasn’t possible. Hence, he wasn’t who Hellenistic Church Fathers retro-actively claimed he was 2-4 centuries later.

    #2 — Why God’s Literal Hiding?

    This question/argument was proposed by Dr. Theodore Drange in his book “Nonbelief & Evil: Two Arguments for the nonexistence of God.” Basically it says:

    …there is no good argument or evidence for God’s existence. […]

    Even theists sometimes say such things as “God is hidden” or “the world is ambivalent or ambiguous (as between being governed by God or being totally natural).” Whether such a statement is made in terms of “hiddenness” or “ambivalence” or “ambiguity,” it runs counter to Saint Paul’s (General-revelation) idea, expressed in Rom. 1:20, that “God’s invisible qualities — his eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.” So if it is a statement made by Christian writers at all, they would not be Calvinists or evangelical Christians, but rather Christians of a more liberal persuasion.

    Drange goes on to explain why arguing from a position of non-belief is much more reasonable and sound than from a position of lacking evidence (or LEA):

    Argument from Nonbelief:

    (A) Probably, if God were to exist, then there would not be many nonbelievers in the world.
    (B) But there are many nonbelievers in the world.
    (C) Therefore, probably God does not exist.

    The term “nonbelievers” as it appears here can be taken in various ways. Let us take it to refer to nontheists. Since that class includes not only atheists and agnostics but also deists, pantheists, Buddhists, Hindus, and countless other individuals throughout our planet who do not believe in a single Supreme Being, it actually contains close to half the earth’s population… a well-established empirical truth, given a suitable definition for the term “nonbelievers.”

    And again, these are just two strong arguments out of 30-50+ that unveil theism’s, Hellenistic Christology’s (today’s version of Christianity), and its 4th-century CE canonical New Testament as highly unreliable, problematic, and in many cases failures for Christendom. I will also remind readers that my comment here is extremely abbreviated — this discussion or debate belongs into a much more conducive format/forum than a blog such as this one.

    Thanks in advance Mr. Mason for allowing my comment here, if you indeed do/have. Have a good weekend sir.

  5. the myth that an atheistic, fact-based science is permanently at war with a faith-based religion

    I’m curious, given this line, do you believe humans are still evolving?

  6. No offence taken, on this blog I get groups of people trying to air their dirty laundry with me and just plain vitriol, so it is sometimes difficult some that just want to diatribe, not dialogue.
    I rarely bring up my personal experience for proof of the existence of God. I had a very personal experience with the Lord. I don’t expect anyone to believe it, that is why I leave it as my final proof. He saved my life when He made His presence known to me in my apartment 23 years ago. I was going down the wrong path on lifestyle issues etc. I love science, don’t get me wrong, however if you had the same experience it is very humbling indeed! I don’t expect anyone to think that this is valid, however to me it doesn’t matter. I experienced it. I was not on drugs, fasting, or have had a brain injury (although some may think otherwise). I was super fit and on the Canadian National Cycling Team the picture of health. Last year to the date I was in the ICU in the Hospital for a month, the Dr’s told my family to make the final arrangements as I was likely to not make it out. I was on my way out! The Doc’s had said it was a miracle I didn’t push up the daisies! It is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

    You may be at odds, however just keep searching, you will find your way. Nobody that is strongly arguing something is not truly looking for answers I believe. Tests that are done in labs require minds. How can a mind that is clearly immaterial make any observation that is not material? Reproducing visions and hallucinations is hardly a defense for proving there is no God.

    I have many personal reasons as to my belief, but as I said I only would use them if I was prodded. I have many posts on this blog that I would refer you to read, as this has gone on a bit of a rabbit trail.


  7. What I’m asking you is, what is it that makes you believe. My comment was in no way intended as insult. My apologies. It is however interesting that the religious experiences and visions can be duplicated with any university study. Seizure patients, lsd, medications, fasting, brain injury and many other studies have been quite reliable in reproducing visions and confirmations of god. I know in my case, i was led to god by feeling the spirit (positive emotions) over an outright lie. These are valid areas of research that many are curious about. How do you know you are right? That’s all I respectfully ask. Sorry. Sometimes my writing comes across a little strong.

  8. Proof? What kind of proof would convince you? Are you are asking for something that can be seen? Are you looking for something that can be weighed? What kind of evidence would suit you? If you have decided what evidence is sufficient, what is it? I believe you need to find a good Gospel preaching Church in your area and address these questions to the Pastor there. I have many evidences that I have experienced in my life that you would likely blow off as delusional. What evidence would work so that YOU would believe in God? Please do not insult me as I have not insulted you, statements such as “It’s. quite obvious where the god resides. He’s right in your head” does not work for me or anyone else.

  9. There is a lot of applied science that is very dependable. The difficult stuff I am involved in the search, but I have no conclusions or faith in astrophysics or theory, but when this theories continue to have positive results, it is worth perusing. Topics that are worthless die out due to lack of proof. I have no faith in any of it although it is interesting. Einstein general theory of space time and gravitational waves was in fact proven just last month after 100 years of study. Religion has no proof for the existence of god after 2000. Can I ask you what facts you have to present? How do you know you’re right? I know enough about neurology and the entire conversion process to know how easily humans are influenced by playing on basic psychology. It’s. quite obvious where the god resides. He’s right in your head.

  10. Actually Jim I stated that everyone believes in something, and you have proven that you do by as well by your previous comment. If you as you say “apply things that work and make observations about what doesn’t”, is in fact partially the scientific method, or scientism. BTW Christianity has been around for thousands of years. You ask what do the followers of Christ done for us? Here is a link: https://www.theologydegrees.org/best-christian-charities/
    I pray that the Lord comes back soon, not right now as there are many souls that still require the Gospel of Christ, evidentially you need it too.
    “When he never shows, what to do with the cesspool those attitudes have created?” Sorry if hope faith and charity is a burden to you. We are all sinful and need the Lord, me included. I pray that you too are Graced by the Holy Spirit and see the light. “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me,” (John 14:6). God Bless you!

  11. I don’t think it’s quite fair to assume any faith statements about me. I do not have a label or assign myself to any “system” of belief or science. I apply things that work and make observations about what doesn’t. For a thousand years faith, grace, atonement , and followers of Jesus have dominated politics and then came to dominate virtually every aspect of the world we live in here in the states, and what have we to show for it? Whether the intent is pure or not doesn’t seem to matter. Your dominion and command to subdue the earth coupled with the lack of responsible stewardship for resources and future generations is lacking evidentiary benefit. I know many evangelicals and I suppose there are others that actually pray for the end to come. Is that true in your case too? Every generation has treated it like Jesus is coming to wipe out the wicked and rule in righteousness. When he never shows, what to do with the cesspool those attitudes have created?

  12. Thanks for your reply Jim. I am not certain in what way you would describe the problem with “grace by faith”? We all have faith even you. Everyone believes in something and makes assumptions about reality that cannot be proven, even by science. We all have a faith position, an interpretation of reality that does not have definite proof! You emphasize “the near total lack of regard for the world we live in because jesus is coming to fix things”. I am not sure who thinks this way as we as Christians are called the God to be stewards of the environment, Gen 1-26 “26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”
    I counter that it is and was man that has messed up this world. God made the world perfect, it took man to rebel against God!
    Jesus WILL come back and if anyone says that they know the time and date, they are liars, simply put.

  13. I have to work today, but for starters in general terms, the theology of grace by faith is problematic for human development and delays personal responsibility. Tie that in with the near total lack of regard for the world we live in because jesus is coming to fix things. Many even pray for the end to come in their lifetime. When he doesn’t show up and we have to live in a cesspool, believers will credit the lord wisdom. It’s all very damming to society and the 2000 plus years of Christian dominance has yielded what?

  14. The only time it ever comes up is when flat earth Christians comment on my blog. Even when I was a believer I never personally knew anyone that believed that, but there are Christians out there that believe it—or they’re lying.

  15. As I recall, the “flat earth” fight was started by Protestants against Catholics. Strange as it sounds, there are still “Flat earthers”

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