FLOOD! Everyone is running for cover…etc…etc…

I am currently in Calgary Alberta Canada, and there  are seven sectors including the downtown core in an emergency state! I was in the middle of this and was full of anxiety, justly so as the surrounding areas have had loss of life. Please pray for the families. 100.000 evacuated!

The thing that has hit me was Noah! This is NOTHING compared to the Noah’s flood’.  As crazy as it seems and is, a major North American City can be paralyzed by 15 feet  or less of H2O!

Well the flood that God warned and instructed of COVERED THE EARTH!

I am not saying that the flood in this area is God’s judgment but it is an amazing sign of God’s grace to not flood us all and kill us!!!!!!!

Please pray for forgiveness’ of your sins  and I will pray for my own transgressions.

God Bless,

Brian Mason

Be Ready – Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World

Anyone in the Calgary Alberta area should be aware that William Lane Craig, Clay Jones, JP Moreland, Sean McDowell and many more Christian Apologists of note will be speaking at the Be Ready Conference. The dates are March 8th and 9th and directions to the conference as well as more vital information can be found at http://www.faithbeyondbelief.ca

This is a great opportunity!

God Bless

Brian Mason