Am I Wrong About Macroevolution?

Yes, there has been some feathers ruffled by some of my last statements about the fraud called “Macro-Evolution” I honestly believe that if you think we as the human race et al. “evolved” from apes, then you need to be re-educated. I know that it sounds crazy, but you have likely been indoctrinated into secularism. You will not care as you do not have to be accountable as your post-modernism will state that “it is okay as long as you think it is okay and who am I to say you are wrong?” You are brainwashed! Please give me my airsick bag! BTW There is not one stitch of evidence confirming “one kind” evolving into “another kind” so Charlie D was wrong!

A great book to read would be 1984~ George Orwell!

God Bless

Brian Mason