My Second Question To Atheists Results: Do you say there is no evidence for God?

Here is the tally:

Say there is no evidence for God – 5

Weak or “not enough” evidence – 3

No straight answer – 2

“No” evidence is weak (wishy-washy) 1

No “real evidence” – 1

First to say there is “no evidence” for God is a terribly weak statement. It is impossible to look at all the evidence in the world to make a blind faith statement like that.

“Weak” or “Not enough” evidence. What would you claim to be “not so weak” or “Enough” evidence? If you can’t answer that question have you are not an atheist at all, at best you are an agnostic.

“No Straight answer” is self-explanatory. Bringing up mythological characters always seems to a be an answer to the agnostic/atheist. At least they are consistent.

Thanks again for your earlier replies to the and the other questions. Tomorrow I will talk about the third question posted “Do you feel that atheism is a worldview” Do you believe that atheism is a worldview?

God Bless
Brian Mason