Crazy Bible HD

I present the small movie that Ray Comfort produced called “Crazy Bible”. Some of his tactics and ideas of presenting the Gospel are a bit unusual, but this is an interseting bit. Please share this with your unbelieving friends. Ray is a Christian. His “Way of the Master” presents the Law first and Grace second. Not a route I would necessarily go, however he exposes the atheist’s weak positions and makes it a bit laughable!

Please pray for Ray, and the unbelievers to see the message clearly.

God Bless!

Brian Mason

Ray Comforts Movie “Genius”, A Must Watch!

Thank you again Ray Comfort and “Living Waters / The Way of The Master”.
This is very enlightening about the non-light that has the post modern world in a daze! Atheists beware! Are you a “good person?” Christian are you truly born again? Please watch….

God Bless

Brian Mason

Ray Comfort’s Movie “180”

The ignorance of the knowledge Adolph Hitler.
The evil of the Pro-Choice movement.
Is is alright to kill a baby in the womb?
Just a few of the points brought up in this movie.
A very poignant sociological observation!

Thanks again to Living Waters for allowing me to post this! Thanks Ray!